Hair, Nail, and Massage Therapy

Venus Salon and Spa


Long Time Customer

   I've been a haircut customer of Kerry Kang ever since I was on active duty in the USAF.  She always gave me fantastic haircuts while I lived in Virginia.  I am a retired Colonel living out of the area now, and I am very thankful that my civilian career still requires me to fly up to Virginia quite often!  My hair has always been difficult to cut for most stylists---Kerry is the only stylist that cuts my hair perfectly every time and I'm keeping it that way!   On my most recent visit, Mimi performed a Swedish and hot stone combo massage that was incredibly relaxing!  Don't confuse this Salon with the previous owner---now that Kerry is in command, this place has been beautifully updated and upscale!


Long Time Customer

   I have really enjoyed the services at the new Venus Salon and Spa, especially under the new ownership in recent weeks. The new owner has totally redone the decor and made it refreshing and bright. They have added a much needed manicure room which is pleasantly decorated. The new manicurist is excellent and also does a very nice pedicure, as well. The hair and styling services are excellent and very competitvely priced. And, the massage team is professional and very good at what they do. I think you get the best value for your money in this newly opened spa and the staff are so congenial and skilled for all the services they perform. I highly recommend this place - try it and I think you will like it!


Long Time Customer

  All the employees at Venus Salon and Spa are friendly, and great at what they do. I get my nails and hair done there, and their massages are great, too! Kerry takes great care of my hair. I go to her all the time! I also received the Men's Manicure and Pedicure. It was a great deal, and I felt great afterwards. 


New Customer

  My friend Sarah sent me to Venus Salon and Spa, a newly opened hair salon & spa, and I went there last week to get my hair cut and highlighted. Hair designer, Kerry Kang was very good. My short and flat hair now has lots of volume and looks pretty sexy. Their prices were very reasonable. I'm so pleased with her hair care and nice services!